Budget Template

This tool offers one way to present an analysis of how your program will impact the university’s budget (both anticipated expenses and revenue).

For many administrators, the cost of your program and what new resources it will bring in (i.e. tuition dollars) may be of the highest importance. Thus, it is important that your proposal include a strong (1) budget narrative[1] and (2) budget projection.[2]

You should work with an administrator or administrative assistant versed in budget matters at your school, as the specifics to include may differ by institution. For example, some schools may require that you include considerations of salary support for faculty while others may not; some may require in-kind fees like for use of office and lecture space while others do not. Your budget plan should provide for the long-term financial viability of your program; address anticipated sources of funds (grants, gifts, tuition); the ability to recruit and retain faculty; and plans for assuring adequate library, administrative, and advising support over the long term.

(1) Specific topics to cover in your budget narrative include:

  1. Plans for development and maintenance of unique resources (buildings, laboratories, technology) necessary to offer a quality program in this field.
  2. Targeted student/faculty ratio (student FTE divided by faculty FTE).
  3. Resources to be devoted to student recruitment.
  4. Where will the administrative offices be? How will a director be paid (or not)? What additional faculty lines might be needed (and source of funding)?
  5. What are the costs of the program? What income will the program generate?

(2) Sample Budget Projection
[Complete a sheet for each of the first 5 projected years]

Estimated Costs and Sources of Funds for Proposed Program

Total new resources required to handle the increased workload, if any.  If no new resources are required, the budgetary impact should be reported as zero. Include costs with a (-) and in red and income with a (+) and in green.

Academic Year: _____________

Program Year: [1/2/3/4/5]

Program Name:  ______________________________________   


[1] A budget narrative explains or justifies the estimated costs by line of each entry. The narrative explains how the costs relate to the implementation of the program as outlined in the proposal, as well as explains the basis for income projections. 

[2} A budget projection is a prediction of the long-term financial results of implementing the program; a forecast of revenue and expenses over a period of time.

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