2022 – MCPHS, Hiram, Lehigh

Co-hosted by the Center for Health Humanities, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences; the Center for Literature and Medicine, Hiram College; and the Health, Medicine, and Society Program, Lehigh University

What are the spaces of and for the health humanities? The COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered our experience of space, from the isolated spaces of quarantine to the overburdened spaces of the health care system, from the physical spaces where risk is produced and mitigated to the virtual spaces constituted by digital technologies. Travel bans, lockdowns, and vaccine and mask mandates have animated debates about whether, how, and whose bodies may inhabit public space, while demographic data renders apparent the uneven and inequitable distribution of resources and risk. The increased turn to virtual environments for education, health care, and communication has allowed for an expansion of access in some respects and exacerbated inequalities in others. In the age of social distancing, e-learning, and telehealth, how are the health humanities grappling with questions of spatiality, and how can we create accessible and equitable spaces—both literal and metaphorical—for engagement moving forward?

Registration Information

Registration rates for the  2022 HHC Conference vary depending on whether you are an HHC Member and/or a student or trainee. We encourage everyone to register before Friday, March 11. After the 11th, registration prices will raise by $25 for each category. Registration will close on Tuesday, March 22. After that point, we cannot guarantee online access to registrants.

  • HHC Member (Before March 11) – $100
  • HHC Member Student of Trainee (Before March 11) – $25
  • Non-Member, Non-Student (Before March 11) – $150
  • Non-Member, Student or Trainee (Before March 11) – $40
  • Institutional and Sponsor Registrants – As agreed

If the registration fee constitutes a financial hardship for you, you can apply for a Registration Waiver. Please email the HHC Conference Committee at conference@healthhumanitiesconsortium.com, with “Registration Waiver Request” in the subject line and a brief explanation for your request in the body of the email.

Conference Schedule

Conference Program
Plenary Sessions

Friday, March 23, 12:15-1:45pm (EST)
Plenary Sponsored by Center for Health Humanities, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Lauren A. Taylor, MDiv, MPH, PhD
Assistant Professor at New York University Gross School of Medicine

Friday, March 25, 5:45-7pm (EST)
Plenary Sponsored by Center for Literature and Medicine, Hiram College
Molly McCully Brown, MFA
Poet and Essayist, Assistant Professor of English and Creative Nonfiction, Old Dominion University

Saturday, March 26, 12:15-1:45pm (EST)
Plenary Sponsored by Health, Medicine, and Society Program, Lehigh University
Christina Sharpe, PhD
Writer, Professor and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Black Studies in the Humanities, York University

The full program will be released around February 1.