International Health Humanities Subcommittee

The International Health Humanities Subcommittee at HHC focuses on humanities questions, scholarship, curricula, and pedagogies  in other countries (both high income  and low-and middle income). The group aims to hold discussions, generate projects, co-author articles and conduct webinars about medical and health humanities in the international domain.  Of interest is also the emerging field of global health humanities (GHH) which focuses more particularly on humanities in low-and middle income countries.  The Subcommittee also participates in the International Medical and Health Humanities Collaborative (IMHHC), an emerging group dedicated to sharing Health Humanities Scholarship, Opportunities and Program information worldwide. Participants in the IMHHC represent initiatives occurring in a wide variety of locations beyond the U.S. including the United Kingdom, South Africa, Malawi, Norway and elsewhere. Through this collaboration, members of the HHC have an opportunity to connect with international colleagues, learn about calls for proposals for international conferences, and, through future webinars, become familiar with the scholarly and programmatic activities of members.

For more information or to share calendar events, please contact Eichbaum, Quentin ( or Lise Saffran (