CIP Project

The first batch of IPEDS data have been released: Medical/Health Humanities completions during 2019-2020. A total of 10 institutions have been recorded using our CIP code. Your institution may have already made the switch, but it can take up to a year to be updated in the federal database. If you are uncertain whether your university made the change or if they have not made it yet, please talk to your responsible institutional office in Academic Affairs.

NEW in 2020 You can submit IPEDS program data for your degree program (BA, BS, MA, MS, PhD) or your certificate program under the new reporting code “Medical/Health Humanities” (CIP code 51.3204). Begin by asking your Institutional Research Officer how changes to CIP code reporting are made at your institution; in most cases, a program leader will work with Academic Affairs staff such as a dean or provost to identify your program’s existing code and make the institutional decision to change it to Medical/Health Humanities. Benefits of switching to this code include immediate visibility to pre-health prospectives when they search1 for baccalaureate schools offering a pre-health professions curriculum, and longer term benefits include acquiring demographic and graduation rate data that will support program growth nationwide.

1Prospective students use the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) College Navigator tool to identify schools offering their intended program of study. Commercial publishers such at Peterson’s Guide and SAT College Search rely on CIP coding and labels in their search tools. If your baccalaureate institution currently has no programs listed under the 2-digit section for 51 (Health Professions and Related Programs), switching to the new Medical/Health Humanities code will make your program visible to prospective students in their searches for pre-medical and pre-health degree programs while maintaining your program’s unique humanities and interdisciplinary profile. An additional benefit is that all non-profit public and private schools are required to report IPEDS data, and state and internal governance systems routinely use these data for administration purposes.