Looking for inspiration for a health humanities course? Check out these syllabi, created by experts in the field.

  • Stories of Illness and Healing
    • Instructor: Sarah Berry, PhD
    • Baccalaureate level course that has served as an elective in a Health Professions minor, in a Biomedical Humanities major/minor, and as a General Education writing and literature course.
  • Humanism in Health and Healthcare
    • Sponsors: NextGenU, Arnold P. Gold Foundation, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
    • Competency-Based course for physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals; free of cost.
  • Medical Humanities & Narrative
    • Instructor: Bruce H. Campbell, MD FACS, Medical College of Wisconsin
    • This four-week asynchronous narrative course is appropriate for medical students displaced from their clinical rotations, although it can easily be modified for different audiences by changing the texts and prompts. 
  • A Medicine of Their Own: The Stories of American Women Healers
    • Instructor: Sarah L. Berry, Ph.D., SUNY Oswego
    • Fully online, open-access course in six modules; introduces students to women’s entrance to the medical profession in the nineteenth century through linked readings in fiction, autobiography, and medical history.
Pandemic Courses
    • Health Humanities – Pandemic
      • Contact: Craig Klugman at DePaul University
      • Upper level undergraduate elective in a health sciences major
    • 2020 fall MHUM 200E
      • Contact: Michael J. Klein at James Madison University
      • Cross-disciplinary course provides students with a critical examination of the way COVID has affected us; part of the medical humanities minor.
    • Outbreak!
      • Instructor: Rachel Conrad Bracken, Ph.D., Northeast Ohio Medical University.
      • A first-year writing intensive seminar that balances writing instruction with content.
    • #coronavirussyllabus
      • Crowd-sourced, multi-disciplinary set of resources begun on March 12, 2020 by Alondra Nelson, PhD. This resource is continuously updated.
Online Readers/Resources
  • Our Break Room
    • Editors: Rachel Kowalsky, MD, MPH; Shari Platt, MD; and Anthony Yuen, MD, Weill Cornell Medicine
    • A collection of hopeful and inspiring poetry and other pieces of art sent to our frontline workers in a nightly email during the pandemic along with writing from and about healthcare workers during the pandemic. This is an open resource with continuous updates.
  • Triage
    • Editor-in-Chief: Mike Barthman, MD, Alpert Medical School of Brown University at Rhode Island Hospital
    • An Emergency Medicine Humanities Blog