CIP Project

From CIP Project Chair Sarah Berry: “Thanks to all who worked with their institutional IPEDS representative to submit a survey request for a Medical Humanities and Health Humanities CIP code.
We have confirmation that 5 surveys were submitted (Centre C., Bellarmine U., Hiram C., Misericordia U., and Baker U.) Several others of you let me know that you had forwarded the request and prepared text to your Keyholder or Coordinator, and we hope that some of them indeed submitted—the more requests from different institutions, the better.
The IPEDS committee will meet in June to review CIP survey results. I’ll send out updates to this group as info becomes available.
Thanks again for your participation over the past year. The CIP update occurs only every four to eight years, so—fingers crossed that we’ll soon have a code boosting our stature as a field and that our programs will have new statistical tools available to everyone, from students and program chairs to researchers and administrators.”
From the HHC to Sarah, thank you for spearheading this initiative.

CIP Code Update: From now until March 15, 2018, we have an opportunity to suggest a dedicated CIP code for Medical Humanities and Health Humanities by working with our institutional Keyholder or Coordinator for IPEDS (typically, this is your Registrar or Institutional Research Officer), who has received an email with a personalized link to a survey. The survey consists of 4 questions and takes about 1 minute by cutting and pasting these prepared answers.

Once your Keyholder/Coordinator accesses the link through the email sent by Dr. Allan Joseph Medwick (, there are 3 questions on the first screen; here are the answers.

  1. Name of Instructional Program:
Answer:   Medical Humanities/Health Humanities
 2. Description of Instructional Program:

Answer:  An interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary program that focuses on health, illness, and medicine or other modes of healthcare through one or more humanities discipline. Programs include instruction in the concepts and methods of literary studies; media studies; art, aesthetics, performance, and art history; philosophy; rhetoric; communication; critical theory; cultural studies; religious studies; gender and sexuality studies; music; and area studies. Programs may combine instruction in natural sciences and/or social sciences with humanities instruction.

3. Suggested Two-Digit Series for Instructional Program:
Answer:  Select bubble for 30) Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
Click NEXT.
The next screen will ask if you have an additional code recommendation. For our group purposes, click NO.

You can participate in a request for a new CIP code via this survey even if your institution does not have a formal or degree program in the field. This is open to baccalaureate, graduate, and professional programs. The more requests from different institutions, the greater the chance we’ll get a dedicated CIP code for Medical Humanities, Health Humanities, and programs with similar scope under different language.