New Pubs from HHC

Interested in learning more about the history of the HHC? Check out “To be or not to be: A Brief History of the Health Humanities Consortium” from our founding co-Presidents, Tess Jones and Craig Klugman in the December 2021 issue of The Journal of Medical Humanities. [Click here to read]

The HHC studied how new Health Humanities are proposed and grown. In “Developing New Academic Programs in the Medical/Health Humanities: A Toolkit to Support Continued Growth” in the December 2021 issue of Journal of Medical Humanities, Craig Klugman, Rachel Bracken, Rosemary Weatherston, Catherine Burns Konefal, and Sarah Berry write about the results of their study and how it led to the creation of a new Toolkit to assist in the development of new academic Health & Medical Humanities programs. [Click here to read]