Seeking Nominations for the Steering Committee

This fall there will be three openings on the Health Humanities Consortium Steering Committee. These will be selected via a vote of the HHC Membership. Only members will be able to serve and/or vote.  Membership (which runs from July 1 – June 30) is now open and the link to join is on the HHC website:  

If you would like to nominate a (willing) candidate or self-nominate, please send your name and one paragraph describing your interest and potential contribution (intended to be shared with the membership) by Tuesday, August 31st. We are particularly seeking a candidate who would like to train for and eventually assume the role of Treasurer. Voting will occur during the month of September and the three-year term will begin on October 1st. Current steering committee members ending their first term are eligible to run again for a second term.

The role of the steering committee is to review and amend the By-laws as appropriate (also available at the website), advise and consult with working groups (a steering committee member serves on each of the working groups), advise and consult on the direction of the HHC, communications, collaborations and governance, and help to plan the annual conference. Officer positions within the HHC (Chair or Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair) are selected from and by the elected Steering Committee members. Members of the Steering Committee are expected to participate in bi-monthly conference calls and attend the annual meeting of the HHC.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions to our current HHC Co-Chairs, Erin Lamb ( and Sarah Berry (, and please consider sharing your talents in leadership of the HHC!